Remove GridSearch Homepage Hijacker from Firefox, Chrome, and IE

GridSearch powers same-name website. The site is meant to mislead you. It pretends to be a search engine. However, a decent search solution would return relevant links without any prejudice. That is not the case with The page would first promote its sponsored links. Those links are paid. That is, the page generates revenue for its holders. They get paid for each redirect through the misleading engine. The payers […]

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Remove Ads by Swift Search App from Chrome, Firefox, and IE

Swift Search modifies the way the pages appear. Certain marketing noise is inherent in the web. Frankly speaking, nowadays Internet annoys too much as is. However, user may suppress the original ads. Decent anti-adware solutions are available. Besides, user may just stop surfing to the pages that display too many ads. The Swift Search adware inserts alien ads into websites you surf. It basically connects to other sites at once. […]

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Uninstall Candle Jar from Windows 7, 8, 10. “Ads by Candle Jar” Removal Guide

Candle Jar ads pop up due to hijacker inside your PC. These are not original ads of the website you browse through. There are basically ads that the websites display. The websites connect to other pages and upload their contents. This activity is run by the websites loaded into your browser. With the above hijacker, things go another way. It is the hijacker that rules. The application is called a […]

Read more Malware Removal Instructions for Windows pretends to track your url. Have you ever heard of this tool? Perhaps, you had not until after you stumbled upon it. The name above is basically a web-address. domain name is a bit odd. The website is notorious for a virus behind it. The virus lands into computer systems. It is called a browser hijacker as it actually hijacks computer browsers. The workflow of hijacking is simple. […]

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Remove Middle Rush Virus from Windows 7, 8, 10

Middle Rush wants to be in between. It sticks its redirects to your browser. When you surf the web, you stumble into ads. They block the contents you are really trying to view. It is the Middle Rush that sets up those ad redirects. The program thus qualifies as a piece of adware. It advertises third party contents. The advertisement forces users to stare at annoying ads instead of meaningful […]

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Uninstall Safe Finder Adware and Get Rid of Home Page is a moderate computer risk. As you can conclude from the name above, it is a website. The website is backed with adware. The Safe Finder adware introduces and maintains system and browser settings. The presets enable automatic redirecting into the page. The website is dressed up as search engine. It pretends to be powered by Yahoo. The search actually returns meaningful results. However, it mixes up relevant links […]

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Get Rid of Fix My PC Fake Scanner in Windows 7, 8, 10

Fix My PC allegedly repairs your PC. It pretends to do so even remotely. The web swarms with fake online scanners. The one above is not quite fake. It detects certain threats, even remotely. However, most of the detections are rather obsolete. The crucial point is that among its so called detection intentional false positives prevail. In other words, it detects a number of threats even at a blank new […]

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Remove Piesearch Homepage and Ads from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Piesearch pretends to render web-search services. That would be OK, if the page just loaded on your request. That is not the case. is notorious for its forced redirects. The page is supported by redirect virus. The virus propagates through various schemes. Most common propagation method features bundled introduction. The introduction method drops the adware without user noticing so. It is to be noted the issue fits a range […]

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Get Rid of Ads and Redirects Fast is a redirect server. It filters incoming traffic by IP. Some IP’s are banned. That is not because such IP’s are dangerous. The reason is pretty different. The server supports adware. This infection installs itself into computer systems. Once installed, it reports to the server. The server approves the reporting IP. The affected PC becomes a verified bot. Such bots are free to visit the server. Another restriction deals […]

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Get Rid of .ccc File Extension Ransomware Virus

.CCC is added by malicious program to the files it affects. Originally, it is an extension of harmless files. Microsoft chat files have this extension. Cryptic virus has been spotted lately. The virus basically blocks access to the data on affected PC. Advances encoding technology underpins the blocking. The resulted files also have the ccc extension. The virus has been named after the extension it adds to affected files. Victims […]

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