End User License Agreement



PC Spyware Shield gives to the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable, revocable and time-limited right to use PC Spyware Shield.

The License gives you the right to install and execute the software, to make one copy of the software for backup purpose only and to use the software in accordance with this License Agreement.

Licensed Units

When you purchase a license you will be provided with a serial number which you can use to activate the license. You agree to use the software only for the number of licensed units specified on your invoice. Any use of more copies of the software than are licensed is prohibited.

Intellectual Property Rights

The software is copyrighted according to law. This License Agreement does not give you any intellectual property rights to the software. Any duplication of the code, abuse of the ShieldApps or PC Spyware Shield Logo or rights can and will be prosecuted in accordance with the United States law and the courts of Delaware.

You may not in any way amend or alter the software including but not limited to copying, reproducing, changing, modifying and decompiling the software. It is also not allowed to reverse engineer and/or disassemble code or protocols used by the software.

Restrictions on Use

You are expressly prohibited from sublicensing, selling, leasing, renting, outsourcing or in any way distributing the software that violates applicable law.

Limited Warranty

You expressly understand and agree that use of the software is provided to you under this License Agreement on an “as is” basis. The software is not subject to any guarantees.

You hereby also accept that PC Spyware Shield do not represent or warrant that the software will be error and defect free.

Limitation of Liability

The use of the product is at the risk of the user only and PC Spyware Shield cannot in any way or form be held liable for causing any direct or indirect damage, including but not limited to loss of business, loss of data, damage to files and data, damage to program or other software or any hardware.

The maximum liability for damages of PC Spyware Shield towards the user cannot exceed an amount corresponding to the amount actually paid by the user for the use of the software.

Term and Termination

This agreement commences upon payment of the license fee or upon your first installation of the trial and/or full version. This agreement terminates when the license period ends or if you fail to comply with the terms of this agreement.

License Period

A typical PC Spyware Shield license is for the period of 1 year starting at the day of the license purchase, unless states otherwise in the Terms and conditions on-site.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This license agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United States and the courts of Delaware.

Change of Terms

This license term may be amended at any time and the user shall keep him/her informed of any updates and if necessary update the program to the latest version.


In the period during which you use the product PC Spyware Shield can choose to forward email messages or in-product-information to you regarding the product and/or additional recommended services and products provided either by PC Spyware Shield and/or trusted partners. If you do not wish to receive these emails you will need to uninstall the program.

The user is obliged to indemnify PC Spyware Shield for any claim for damages directed at PC Spyware Shield owing to actions on the part of the user and the use of PC Spyware Shield.

If you wish to distribute, purchase or resell PC Spyware Shield, please contact PC Spyware Shield via the support form.

PC Spyware Shield is a registered trademark.

Scheduled Scan and Clean

Manual & automatic scheduled scans available. Set your daily scan to keep your PC always protected!

Malware Seek & Destroy

PC Spyware Shield scan the PC’s memory for harmfull processes and eliminates them.

Free Scan and Report

Free trial that allows you to scan your PC and review the scan/test results before you choose your next move.

Windows 7, XP, Vista Compatible

Compatible for users running Windows 7, Vista and XP – all 32bit and 64bit versions.

24/7 Spyware Database Updates

PC Spyware Shield provides protection even against the most recent threats and is updated regularly.

Light Active Mode

PC Spyware Shield is designed to keep working in the background without draining your PCs resources.