How to register PC Spyware Shield?

To register the product, please follow the steps below:

1. Launch PC Spyware Shield.

2. Click on the Register Now button.

3. In the new window that opens, copy and paste the license key that you have purchased (avoid typing the key manually).

4. Click on the Register Now button. The program will be registered.

Now you can remove all the spyware infections on your PC.

To enter the key please see attached screenshots below:

How to register PC Spyware Shield?

What does PC Spyware Shield do?

PC Spyware Shield helps cleaning and defending your computer from spyware attacks. PC Spyware Shield utilizes an advanced malware scan engine which identifies malware, trojan and spyware threats hidden in your PC.
The program has an updated database of threats definitions and it remove spyware, malware and adware from your system thus keeps it protected against malicious threats.

How to enable automatic updates of PC Spyware Shield?

To automatically update for the latest version and threat definitions of PC Spyware Shield, follow the steps below:

1. Launch PC Spyware Shield.

2. Go to Settings > Updater tab.

3. Mark the “Download updates automatically” option.

4. Click on the Apply button.

Now PC Spyware Shield will check and install the latest definitions automatically.

How do I uninstall PC Spyware Shield?

To uninstall PC Spyware Shield all you have to do is browse for PC Spyware Shield via the Start menu and click the uninstall link under the program menu. Alternatively, you can uninstall it just like any other software via the Control Panel/Add Remove Program process.

Scheduled Scan and Clean

Manual & automatic scheduled scans available. Set your daily scan to keep your PC always protected!

Malware Seek & Destroy

PC Spyware Shield scan the PC’s memory for harmfull processes and eliminates them.

Free Scan and Report

Free trial that allows you to scan your PC and review the scan/test results before you choose your next move.

Windows 7, XP, Vista Compatible

Compatible for users running Windows 7, Vista and XP – all 32bit and 64bit versions.

24/7 Spyware Database Updates

PC Spyware Shield provides protection even against the most recent threats and is updated regularly.

Light Active Mode

PC Spyware Shield is designed to keep working in the background without draining your PCs resources.