Get Rid of Fix My PC Fake Scanner in Windows 7, 8, 10

Fix My PC allegedly repairs your PC. It pretends to do so even remotely. The web swarms with fake online scanners. The one above is not quite fake. It detects certain threats, even remotely. However, most of the detections are rather obsolete.


The crucial point is that among its so called detection intentional false positives prevail. In other words, it detects a number of threats even at a blank new device.

Removal of Fix My PC is rather extermination of annoying adware. Adware rather advertise something than act to the benefits of users. That quite corresponds to the behaviour of Fix My PC.

Another good reason to get rid of Fix My PC adware is that it does not let users uninstall it. Such behaviour suggests the application is going to violate your right to decide what programs you would like to have on your PC.

It is the users who shall be ultimate administrator of user’s PC. Otherwise, it is the virus that hijacks the PC.

User may consciously authorise certain software to manage certain processes. However, that is not the case with Fix My PC malware. It does not consult your opinion. It simply hacks your PC.

The program is available for manual installation. That is, you may opt for installing it. Needless to say, that implies you have supposed the Fix My PC program is not annoying and misleading.

Most of the installations run otherwise. The prevailing installation method is a bundled download. Such introduction associates the adware with other items. Users actually load those other items. The download occurs through download manager. It basically discharges a couple of programs in bulk.

Again, users are too busy to make note of bundled installation. They are thus unaware of the arrival of Fix My PC.

One cannot remove Fix My PC malware via uninstalling menu. On the other hand, removal of the Trojan does not require extra skills. Just kindly follow the guidance below.

Fix My PC virus automatic removal

A maximum cleaning effect can be attained through the use of a security suite with up-to-date malware signatures database which includes the malicious code underlying the Fix My PC infection. To give this method a shot, follow two simple steps:

  1. Download and install the industry-leading solution to get it up and running. Hit the Start Computer Scan button for the application to check your computer for unwanted objects
  2. Having returned the scan results, the program will suggest you select the Fix Threats option. Go ahead and click it to get the detected threats removed.
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