How to Remove HELP_YOUR_FILES Ransomware Trojan

HELP_YOUR_FILES refers to cryptic malware. More specifically, it is a name of file with instructions provided by ransomware. The latest edition is referred to as Cryptowall 4.0. The file with instruction typically has png extension. It opens automatically any time as your system is loading. There is thus relevant registry entry behind the file. It is a startup registry key. It adds the file to queue of programs that start […]

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Get Rid of Cryptowall 4.0 Trojan and Restore Encrypted Files

The guidance will walk you through the most efficient methods of preventing and removing cryptowall 4.0 virus. It also features data recovery approaches. The web of today swarms with viruses. Odds are that you get one sooner or later. There is no ultimate protection against cyber threats. True, the security solutions keep evolving. The evolution is also ongoing in the kingdom of malware though. You may be surprised to learn […]

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Remove Ad Network Performance from Windows and Get Rid of Annoying Ads

Ad Network Performance is a viral add-on to your browser. A classic add-on rather integrates into computer browser. That is not the case. While adding new items to your browser, the adware keeps its essentials in general computer memory. Most of the users opt for the removal of Ad Network Performance. They reasonably consider it a piece of adware. However, they make a common mistake. The mistake is to limit […]

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Ads by Web Amplified – Easy and Effective Removal Guide

Web Amplified pretends to enhance your browsing experience. This is a computer program. It looks like a stand-alone web-browser. That is how users may treat the software. Such assessment is due to its changing browser appearance. It is not actually an individual browser. However, it affects browsers badly. The number of extensions and various toolbars exceed reasonable limits. It is the program that adds most of those objects. Removal of […]

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Remove Virus (VIRUSFUCKEDYOURFILES Ransomware) is a notorious email address. Ransomware is a program that hacks your PC for ransom. That is, on order to unhack your PC, you need to pay the ransomware. The above email is associated with ransomware. The ransomware affects files on your PC. It changes their coding. That is, it encrypts data on your device. As a result, you are not able to read your files. The above mail […]

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Get Rid of Important Security Message Virus in Windows

Important Security Message is an audio and image. It is a popup at the screen of your device. In any case, it annoys us. Users at Microsoft help forum discussed the first case. There was a post from user. The user observed no audio was available. The only thing he could hear was the above message. It repeated endlessly. The user failed to remove Important Security Message. A range of […]

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How to Uninstall Content Defender from Windows 7, 8, 10 (Free Guide)

Content Defender is marketed as a solution to protect your PC from unreliable content. The app shall secure your PC as you browse the web. Besides, it pretends to block ads. Some observers remark the application rather harms than helps. In fact, it is totally useless as regards its declared functionality. When it comes to the harm it causes, Content Defender does not spare effort. The sooner you remove Content […]

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Get Rid of the Browser Tab Initiated by First Choice Tech Support Scam

First Choice Tech Support is a scam. That is true at least for the purposes of this article. There could be genuine PC maintenance. That is, such that actually cures your PC from its bugs. Alas and alack, fake maintenance prevails. It has become so common that FTC launched special campaign. The campaign aimed at sewing the swindlers behind the fake First choice tech support. FTC reported a number of […]

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Uninstall System Healer – Fake Security Tool (Removal Tips for Windows 7, 8, 10)

System Healer rather harms than heals. That is to say the least. The application has gained awful feedback. Most of its installations end up with uninstalling attempts. The issue is that the program does not give up easily. It roots deep into memory of your PC, creates excessive number of registry keys. System Healer is a skillful survival machine. In the meantime, it completely abandons its declared functionality. The System […]

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Uninstall MapsGalaxy Toolbar and Hijacker from Chrome, Firefox and IE

MapsGalaxy has a registered developer. For software of its kind that is rather an exception. The MapsGalaxy program belongs to the adware infections. It propagates through bundled installation. Such method packages the adware with third party content. Users actually fail to notice the adware installation. However, they formally agree it. The above is a prevailing infection vector. It does not exclude other options. Once inside computer system, the MapsGalaxy adware […]

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