Remove Piesearch Homepage and Ads from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Piesearch pretends to render web-search services. That would be OK, if the page just loaded on your request. That is not the case. is notorious for its forced redirects.
The page is supported by redirect virus.


The virus propagates through various schemes. Most common propagation method features bundled introduction. The introduction method drops the adware without user noticing so.
It is to be noted the issue fits a range of definitions. is a browser hijacker as it hacks and withholds your browser. It is an adware as it displays annoying ads. Common opinion often defines at as a virus. The latter definition is not quite correct. To be viral, a program shell adds its code to other programs. That is a strict meaning of computer virus.

The Piesearch infection is a stand-alone application. It does not blend with other software. It is thus not a virus.

No matter how you classify the threat, it annoys. That is the main reason why users are desperate to get rid of Piesearch. They rather refer to the elimination of popups and ads than to any particular kind of infection.

Let’s refer back to the adware introduction. Bundled installation prevails. This method is typically reported by users. Users are victims of the scam. They, of course, do not apply strict definitions. The conclusion that it has been the bundled introduction is easy to make. In most of the cases, users recall they have stumbled upon the hijacker after loaded certain free items. They have completed the installation dialog. That involved clicking OK a couple of times. One of such clicks would mean their agreement for the adware installation. The trick is that users rather click through the tabs. They do not have time to read all the statements. That is how they end up with Piesearch on-board.

Removal of Piesearch virus is not that easy. It is nothing beyond your skills though. The guidance below will remove homepage and ads. Kindly follow its steps to complete the adware extermination.

Piesearch automatic removal

A maximum cleaning effect can be attained through the use of a security suite with up-to-date malware signatures database which includes the malicious code underlying the infection. To give this method a shot, follow two simple steps:

  1. Download and install the industry-leading solution to get it up and running. Hit the Start Computer Scan button for the application to check your computer for unwanted objects
  2. Having returned the scan results, the program will suggest you select the Fix Threats option. Go ahead and click it to get the detected threats removed. step-by-step removal from web browsers

The following instructions for different web browsers are intended to reduce the impact of Search virus upon Internet preferences down to the minimum. The covered activities include deleting the respective extension and restoring such settings as the homepage and default search to their regular values.

Piesearch removal from Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome and select Settings on the Chrome menu listGo to Chrome settings
  • Under the Appearance sub-section, but a checkmark for Show Home button and click ChangeSelect Change for Show Home button
  • In the dialog that popped up, select Use the New Tab page or define any site to be your home page by entering its URL next to Open this page optionSelect Use the New tab page option
  • Within the Search sub-section under Settings, select a preferred search provider other than PiesearchSelect preferred search engine in Chrome
  • Now hit the Set pages button under On startup section and click the X button next to Piesearch in order to remove it from the list of startup pagesClick Set pages under On startup section
  • Proceed to the Extensions menu and click the trash bin icon for Piesearch add-on to get rid of it
  • Restart Chrome and see if Piesearch keeps affecting its settings or not. removal from Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox, go to Tools and pick Options on the listGo to Firefox options
  • Hit the General tab and click the Restore to Default under Home Page sectionRestore default home page in Firefox
  • Now click on the magnifying glass icon located in the Firefox search box and hit the Change Search Settings optionSelect the Change Search Settings option
  • Select search engine to be used by default in Firefox and click OKSelect default search engine in Firefox
  • Go to Tools menu again and pick Add-onsGo to Firefox add-ons
  • Under Extensions on the screen, locate the Piesearch add-on and click Remove
  • Restart Firefox and check if the problem went away. removal from Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools and pick Internet OptionsGo to Internet Options in IE
  • On the Internet Options screen, select the General tab and click the Use default button under Home page sub-sectionChoose to use default home page
  • On the same screen, hit the Settings or Tabs button (depending on IE version) under the sub-section called TabsAccess Internet Explorer tabs settings
  • Under the section that says “When a new tab is opened, open:“, select A blank page or Your first home pageTabbed Browsing Settings interface
  • Now return to Tools and select Manage add-onsGo to Manage Add-ons screen in IE
  • Select Search Providers, find the entry for Piesearch and click the Remove button
  • Restart Internet Explorer and check whether the problem has been fixed.

Re-inspect the computer for malware traces

Normally, you should be good to go as long as the steps above have been followed. And yet, it’s preferable to check the operating system for residual fragments of the adware app and concomitant infections.

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