Uninstall Candle Jar from Windows 7, 8, 10. “Ads by Candle Jar” Removal Guide

Candle Jar ads pop up due to hijacker inside your PC. These are not original ads of the website you browse through.


There are basically ads that the websites display. The websites connect to other pages and upload their contents. This activity is run by the websites loaded into your browser. With the above hijacker, things go another way. It is the hijacker that rules.

The application is called a hijacker as it actually hacks your browser. It applies changes that block original content of the websites. Native contents are blocked. They are replaced with the items uploaded from other sites. It is the adware that appoint those pages.

It is critical to note the scheme hardly feature any verification. Anyone can order a promotion. The adware may bring deadly contents.

So far, removal of Candle Jar ads has rater pointed out the pop-ups and similar annoying stuff. That rather underestimates the level of threat. True, the hack is mostly about pesky ads. The ads do irritate us.

There is something more critical about the Candle Jar malware. It can bring other kind of contents. The hijacker may upload viral code into your browser.

Viral cases are not frequent. However, the danger is relevant. Get rid of Ads by Candle Jar even if you feel like you can tolerate its redirects. Otherwise, the hijacker may do damage to your PC. It may drop infections that actually harm your operating system and data.

The rogue is extremely viable. It enters your PC through the vulnerabilities of download routines. Its arrival requires no effort from users.

That is not the case when you need to uninstall Candle Jar ads. Strictly speaking, uninstalling is not available. The only way to remove Candle Jar ads is to remove relevant infection. Besides, browser settings need to be fixed.

There is a reliable guidance below. It details the steps that will eventually kill the annoying Candle Jar.

Candle Jar virus automatic removal

A maximum cleaning effect can be attained through the use of a security suite with up-to-date malware signatures database which includes the malicious code underlying the Candle Jar infection. To give this method a shot, follow two simple steps:

  1. Download and install the industry-leading solution to get it up and running. Hit the Start Computer Scan button for the application to check your computer for unwanted objects
  2. Having returned the scan results, the program will suggest you select the Fix Threats option. Go ahead and click it to get the detected threats removed.

Candle Jar removal from web browsers

Manually trashing the browser add-on related to this particular adware program might be a challenging objective because of the way it was designed persistence-wise. Under these circumstances, a highly effective workaround is to reset the compromised web browser to its defaults. Although doing so will clear personalized Internet surfing information, this works smooth in the event of adware contamination.

Resetting Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome and select Settings on the Chrome menu listGo to Chrome settings
  • Proceed by clicking on the Show advanced settings optionAccess advanced settings
  • Locate the Reset settings button and click on itHit the Reset settings button
  • The final step is confirmation of the process. Review the details of the transaction (go to Learn more to get a deeper insight), and click ResetConfirm

Resetting Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox, go to Help and pick Troubleshooting Information on the listGo to Troubleshooting Information in Mozilla
  • Review some basic information provided on the Troubleshooting Information page and click Reset Firefox to complete the procedureHit the Reset Firefox button
  • Review the list of preferences that will be lost and confirm your intensions if positive it’s fine with youConfirm the Firefox reset

Resetting Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools and pick Internet OptionsGo to Internet Options in IE
  • On the Internet Options screen, select the Advanced tab and click ResetHit Reset under the Advanced tab
  • On the dialog titled Reset Internet Explorer Settings, activate the Delete personal settings option and hit the Reset buttonComplete the transaction by confirming

Re-inspect the computer for malware traces

Normally, you should be good to go as long as the steps above have been followed. And yet, it’s preferable to check the operating system for residual fragments of the adware app and concomitant infections.

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