PC too slow lately? PC’s keep bulking up unused files, drivers, and uninstallations left-overs that make them run much slower. PC Spyware Shield will list those errors for you, and restore your system back to as-good-as-new condition, making it run at maximum speed!

How to get started?

Getting started is EASY and FREE with PC Spyware Shield!
1 – Download the FREE PC Spyware Shield version by clicking on the “Download” button on the right
2 – Install the PC Spyware Shield application
3 – Click “Start Spyware Scan”

Congratulations! Your PC is now faster and Spyware error-free!

System Overview

The Status tab will keep you informed of your current Spyware Status, when the last scan has processed and will also suggest the next actions you need to take in order to clean your Spyware and maintain a well performing PC.

System overview

Scan for Errors

Scanning your PC for errors and malfunctions is a one-click-procedure with PC Spyware Shield!
All you have to do is initiate the Spyware Scan process by clicking on the “Start Spyware Scan” button.

The Spyware scan will go through your Spyware files and extensions and will present to you its status after a thorough scan.

Scan for errors

Restore Backup

PC Spyware Shield keeps you safe and worries-free! Before every repair a backup is created and logged. In case one of your applications collided with the PC Spyware Shield operation, you will be able to easily back-step to the previous Spyware status, just as it was before you started the scan & repair process.

Choose settings

Spyware De-fragmentation

PC Spyware Shield is more than just a Spyware cleaner. PC Spyware Shield also acts as a performance analyzer and optimizer. A clean Spyware is not the only parameter in having a faster PC speed. PC Spyware Shield has also a Spyware Defrag feature which puts order into your Spyware beyond the initial cleaning.

Restore backup

Personalized Settings

PC Spyware Shield is designed for all types of users. Our automated configuration is perfectly suitable for 99% of the users. However, if you feel some of the settings would better be different – All is configurable via the settings panel.

Scheduled Repairs

Scheduled Repairs

There’s absolutely no need to initiate the scan & repair process manually every time. The scheduled repair tab allows you to set a fixed scanning interval, followed by an automated repair.

PC Spyware Shield Full Version

Harness the full features spectrum of PC Spyware Shield by upgrading to the full version. Upgrading is easy and fairly priced, and the added value is definitely worth it!

StartUp Manager

Scheduled Scan and Clean

Manual & automatic scheduled scans available. Set your daily scan to keep your PC always protected!

Malware Seek & Destroy

PC Spyware Shield scan the PC’s memory for harmfull processes and eliminates them.

Free Scan and Report

Free trial that allows you to scan your PC and review the scan/test results before you choose your next move.

Windows 7, XP, Vista Compatible

Compatible for users running Windows 7, Vista and XP – all 32bit and 64bit versions.

24/7 Spyware Database Updates

PC Spyware Shield provides protection even against the most recent threats and is updated regularly.

Light Active Mode

PC Spyware Shield is designed to keep working in the background without draining your PCs resources.