This is what our users have to say about PC spyware Shield:

Amazing! Who knew all that information was out there?!
A quick scan revealed all the information that I was unknowingly exposing to the internet….
I feel so much better now that my privacy is well protected!

– Dean Belmont
on November 31st, 2011

Privacy protection for the common people!
I am anything but a computer savvy. I love surfing the net and socializing in all the social networks, but I’d rather keep my personal information to myself…
PC spyware Shield does exactly that for me.

– Laura Bank
on December 14th, 2011

I had no idea so many spyware applications are monitoring my activity!
The initial scan revealed more than a dozen (!) applications that were monitoring my online behavior and tracking my surfing…
Thanks for your help!

– Linda
on January 15th, 2012

Scheduled Scan and Clean

Manual & automatic scheduled scans available. Set your daily scan to keep your PC always protected!

Malware Seek & Destroy

PC Spyware Shield scan the PC’s memory for harmfull processes and eliminates them.

Free Scan and Report

Free trial that allows you to scan your PC and review the scan/test results before you choose your next move.

Windows 7, XP, Vista Compatible

Compatible for users running Windows 7, Vista and XP – all 32bit and 64bit versions.

24/7 Spyware Database Updates

PC Spyware Shield provides protection even against the most recent threats and is updated regularly.

Light Active Mode

PC Spyware Shield is designed to keep working in the background without draining your PCs resources.